Surprise Updates

We’ve got so much going on at Camp Woodmont right now!   Here’s a sneak peak of what we’ve added/built/ improved for 2016:

Slingshot Range

Gaga Pit

New pool

Chicken coop


Creek trails

Hiking Trails

Uncovered Flat Rock Campfire Ring behind Frog Hollow & Turtle Cove

Moved Campfire Ring behind boys’ cabins

New benches for all campfire rings

New Camp Office

Dining Hall Fans & Light fixtures

New Cabin Signage

Painting everywhere!

Barn improvements include: new Fencing, saddle racks, tack house, feed bin, water area and horse stall and barn repairs.

Of course, the boring stuff like repairing gutters, roofs, roads and landscaping are always on the year-round maintenance list!  We can’t wait for summer!!