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Camp Counselor Application

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Summer camp work involves close contact with children. Have you ever been investiaged, arrested or convicted of Child Abuse, Neglect or Related Charges?
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Have you ever been convicted of any other criminal activitiy?
If yes, please explain:
(An arrest or conviction record does not automatically disqualify a candidate; each person is evaluated based upon individual circumstances.)
Camp work requires physically demanding activity including but not limited to hiking, running (during sports play) and lifting and carrying. Do you have any physical limitations that would prevent you from performing the work for which you are being considered?
If yes, please explain:
List camp-related or other relevant activities in which you have a moderate or high dregree of expertise and tell where/how you developed this experience.
List camp-related certifications you currently hold.
List 3 personal references (persons not related to you whom you've known for at least 1 year; give names/emails/phone #'s).
Write at least one lengthy paragraph telling us why you would like to be employed by Camp Woodmont and why you would make a good employee. Be sure to comment on anything not covered already.
I certify that all information given on this application is true and I authorize investigation of all statements and information given in this application. I understand that misrepresentation or omissions of facts is cause for dismissal. I have read and agree with the philosophy of Camp Woodmont as stated here and agree to abide by all policies, rules and regulations of the camp. I also authorize CampWoodmont to secure an employment screening profile, including a criminal/background check and authorize the release of or securing of information for this purpose.