Camper Health and Safety
Camp Woodmont Cabin Life


Cabin Life

Much of the growth and development children experience at camp comes through the experience of living together in a camp setting with their counselor. Camp allows children to develop newly found confidence in dealing with real-life situations including camper health and safety.

Living in a cabin with children of different backgrounds encourages campers to work together as a team. Early in the camp session, each counselor meets with the cabin members to establishing rules of cabin conduct (each camper participates and gives input at every cabin meeting). Campers take turns sweeping and doing cabin chores, striving to have the cleanest cabin at inspection time. Each camper is reminded to maintain personal hygiene daily; younger campers sometimes go together with their counselor to the bath-house to make sure that everyone showers and brushes their teeth (all showers have private curtained dressing areas and hot & cold running water).

Campers are assigned cabins by age. Each camper selects a bunk bed and shelf for personal items. Each cabin houses 6-8 campers. A counselor also lives and sleeps in the cabin with the campers. All cabins have electricity and are just a few steps away from the bathhouse.


Cabin group activity is a daily part of camp life. After participating with different groups in daily activities, the cabin group comes back together in the afternoon for a cabin activity time. Some of the major cabin group activities include: skit-night rehearsal, camp-out (preparing a camp site and returning at night to camp-out), creek-stomping, sports, and more.

Friendships with cabinmates give each camper a feeling of belonging to a special group. Each night, counselors lead informal “rap” discussions with their cabins followed by a short motivational or devotional reading or discussion. Campers love the sense of validation, belonging, and self-respect they gain from living together in their own cabin group.

Staff members visit each cabin at lights out to bring milk-n- cookies and visit with campers prior to bed-time. Counselors read bedtime stories and have special group sharing time each night in the cabin prior to lights out.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of each camper is of utmost importance to the directors and counselors. Every safety and health precaution is taken to protect campers from sickness or accident. A nurse or person trained in first aid is on duty at all times, and emergency care is available a short distance away.

The camp nurse at Camp Woodmont is in charge of the general wellness of everyone at camp. The camp nurse is a Registered Nurse with 2 or more years of practical experience. During camper check-in (Sundays 3 – 5 pm), all parents meet with the nurse to discuss health concerns and medications. All medications must be in writing, signed and dated. The American Camp Association does not allow any medications of any type to be kept in the cabins by the campers.

We always seek medical treatment if there is the slightest question as to whether or not a child is ill or injured, and the parent will be contacted immediately. The camp complies with all local and state health and safety requirements, as well as with the standards of the American Camp Association (ACA).

Meal Time

"Eating as a “cabin family” three times a day in a society where families rarely eat together is comforting to children. During mealtime, campers enjoy A LOT of singing, mail call and well-balanced nutritious, delicious meals. Our nourishing and creative meals are served family-style with counselors seated at the head of each table to assist with proper meal-time etiquette.

After the blessing (which is usually a sing-song blessing) campers learn to pass every food item around the table and wait for the counselor to begin eating. Good manners are emphasized, and campers are encouraged to try new foods.

We serve orange juice and milk at breakfast, and juice and tea for lunch and dinner. And, we always have pitchers of water on the tables for all three meals, and a salad bar every day at lunch and dinner. Sodas are not served at Camp Woodmont. The kitchen is inspected and receives high ratings from the State Health Department.

Parents should NOT send food packages because they discourage appetites and can cause friction. If your child has an allergy or medical condition requiring special foods, our kitchen staff is happy to accommodate your requests. (please let us know in advance of your arrival.)


Snack time is held each afternoon at the camp store. We have found sodas are NOT thirst-quenching enough in the hot weather, and now only serve water-based juice and lemon-aid instead. Campers are encouraged to return for many drink refills to stay hydrated throughout the afternoon.


Cooked. Apples, Bacon, Veggie Bacon, Hot Cakes, Syrup, Margarine
Chicken Noodle Soup, Crackers, Sub Sandwiches, Cold Cuts, Veggie Bacon, Cheese, L/T/O, Pickles, Mustard & Mayo, Chocolate Cake & Salad Bar
Lasagna, Veg. Lasagna, Veggies, Garlic Bread, Parmesan Cheese, Salad Bar & Dessert


Camper Health & Safety

Camper Health & Safety