What to Pack

We've all been guilty of packing too many clothes for our kids,
and not enough essentials.

The lesson learned: pack the right stuff! 

Bring enough clothes for the length of the session. Comfortable play clothes rather than expensive casual wear are preferred. Please talk with your child about taking care of and keeping up with belongings.

Every effort will be made to help campers keep up with their belongings and find lost items, but the camp cannot be responsible for lost items. Use this camp packing list to ensure your child has everything they need and nothing they don't.

All clothes and other items should be labeled and a list of items
should be taped to the inside top of the camper’s trunk or suitcase.

What to Pack

  • A blanket or sleeping bag.
  • 2 Sheets and Pillow
    (Unless camper will use sleeping bag exclusively.)
  • Raincoat/Jacket/Sweater
  • T-Shirts and Shorts
  • Jeans
    (Long pants of blue jean, corduroy, or other strong fabric required for horseback riding-no parachute pants for riding.)
  • Underwear.
  • Shoes (at least 2 pair) and socks.
    (Shoes are required at all times at camp. One pair of sturdy leather - hiking type, at least one pair of tennis/athletic shoes, and one pairof water sandals is recommended. Flip-flops are only appropriate for showers and pool wear. Horseback riders should bring smooth-leather-soled shoes - cowboy boots, riding shoes, or any smooth leather-sole shoe with a heel. Hiking boots, tennis shoes, and other lugged soled shoes are NOT appropriate for riding.)
  • Swimsuits.
    (At least two swimsuits are recommended. Campers are not allowed to wear swimsuits except at swimming activities.)
  • Pajamas
  • Towels/bath cloths
  • Toiletries
    (Toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, etc.)
  • Flashlight/batteries
  • Camera
  • Reading/devotional materials
  • Costume
    (for masquerade events)
  • Appropriate reading materials
  • Stationery and Stamps
  • Water Bottle (you can purchase a refillable, collapsible Camp Woodmont Water Bottle at check-in if you forget yours!)

Optional Items

Softball glove, fishing gear, magic tricks, appropriate games and toys, musical instrument (if child plays).


Items NOT to Bring

Please be sure the following items, which can cause problems, are NOT brought to camp:

Cell phones, radios, tape players, I-PODS, I-TOUCH, MP3 players, beepers, walkie-talkies, pocket knives, spray cans of any type, food, candy, gum, firecrackers or any fireworks, pellet guns, knives, jewelry, money, inappropriate reading materials, fans (camp supplies fans in each cabin), any electronic device.

Locked trunks or suitcases are not allowed. To insure the safety of all campers and staff, trunks, suitcases and belongings will be checked for appropriateness of items brought to camp.

PLEASE: Do NOT bring your family’s dog, cat or any other pet to camp on opening or closing day as we have camp dogs on the property.

APPROPRIATE ATTIRE: Traditional clothing and attire is appropriate at camp. Please AVOID unusual or non-traditional clothing, jewelry, makeup, or hair styles as they are not allowed at Camp Woodmont.

Here’s a list of the most
“I forgot to pack...”
items for camp.

  • Footwear is important for children at camp, especially when they are hiking, horseback riding or heading to the lake! We suggest packing boots, tennis shoes, sandals AND lots of socks!
  • Headgear is a necessary to protect kids from the sun and bugs. Scarves, bandannas, baseball caps or a sunhat, sunglasses and goggles are important.
  • Bed and Bath is an aspect of camp that can’t be ignored, as having fun and getting dirty go together for most kids! Bring towels, as well as a blanket, pillow, pillow cases, sheets, sleeping bag and laundry bag. Don’t forget the sun block and bug spray.
  • Water Bottle, Water Bottle, Water Bottle! With your child’s name on it. We stress the importance of drinking water as children can become dehydrated quickly in the heat of the day!

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