Can we visit or tour the camp beforehand?
Is this a good camp for first-time campers?
Do you do any off=site field trips?
Is Camp Woodmont well suited for children who DO NOT know anyone there?
What emergency policies and safety guidelines do you have in place for the activities (i.e., Rock Climbing, Horseback Riding)?
What is the ratio of girls-to-boys?
Does a counselor sleep with the children in cabins at night?
What is your staff-to-camper ratio?
Can my child call home or write as often as they wish?
If my child is having ANY problems while at the camp, who addresses them and will I be notified?
What policies are in effect to prevent injuries?
How do campers sign up for activities?
Who takes care of sick campers?
What is the food like?
What are the bathhouses like?
How are children assigned to cabins?