Our Mission & Camp Philosophy

Our Mission & Camp Philosophy

The mission of Camp Woodmont is to be a partner with parents in providing wholesome activities for children and in offering a program that promotes growth and development of children’s personalities, along with positive moral and spiritual paths.

By learning to live, play, and work together with others at camp, children learn to appreciate, understand and value others as special and unique individuals. Our program teaches children to become good followers and leaders, accept responsibility, and to practice tolerance and acceptance to all mankind.

At Camp Woodmont, we understand parents’ concerns:

We’re parents, too!

That’s why we provide campers with an atmosphere of support and encouragement.

Our Mission & Camp Philosophy

At Camp Woodmont, campers receive approval, acceptance, and appreciation–Campers become self-reliant, confident and independent.

Our limited enrollment, caring counselors, and convenient camp layout makes new campers feel secure, welcomed, and re-assured.

Two generations of family management and 70+ years combined experience means we have Extremely Close Supervision of staff, campers, and program.

Much of the growth and development children experience at camp comes through the experience of living together in a camp setting. Many of the benefits campers get from camp do not necessarily involve camp activities, but instead develop through the friends they make and participation in the overall summer camp program.

At camp, children acquire many subjective types of interpersonal and coping skills as a result of learning to live and work together in a unique and independent atmosphere.

A Message from the Camp Director

One of the greatest learning experiences of my youth was watching and helping Mom and Dad as they built Camp Woodmont from the ground up.

image002Now, as a camp director and parent, I truly appreciate the opportunity to reach out to young people and provide a wholesome camp experience.

It’s a great privilege and responsibility to provide a safe, welcome, and secure environment for each camper this summer. And we are committed to providing THE ideal place for kids to be….well kids.

At Camp Woodmont, campers will build character, develop relationships, acquire skills and happy memories that will last a lifetime.

God has blessed us tremendously and we want to share those blessings so your children will find Camp Woodmont their ‘home away from home.’

Happy Camping! Your Director,
 Alyson (Bennett) Gondek