Camp Woodmont Hires THE Ultimate Horse Whisperer!


It is with great pleasure and honor to announce the addition of Stephanie Moss to our staff as Equine Director & Assistant Program Manager! Stephanie lives on the camp property and handles all aspects of the barn and horseback riding program. Additionally, she assists with camper registrations, programming, marketing and organizational projects.

Stephanie came to Camp Woodmont as a camper 14 years ago from Tampa, Florida. She began working in the barn as an assistant when she was 16. Today, Stephanie is a college graduate of The University of South Florida with a duel degree in Integrated Animal Biology and Anthropology. Additionally, in 2010-2014, Stephanie rode for the USF Equestrian Western Team and was President of the Equestrian Club at USF. She is a certified Riding Instructor from Christian Camp Horsemandship International. She was also certified in archery instruction, and a certified lifeguard.

Her life and passion is horses! “I’ve been horse crazy from an early age. When I was about 6, my parents said they would take me to horse camp if I was good and kept my grades up,” she explains. “If they only knew the horse fanatic that they would create! I was immediately hooked, and continued to ride and work at a local barn during middle and high school,” she says.

“We are beyond excited to welcome Stephanie to her new position,” says Camp Director, Alyson Gondek. “She brings a wealth of equestrian knowledge and expertise to our program, and she is one of the most hardest-working individuals I know.”

Stephanie rescued her first horse, Lightning, when she was 19, and a couple of years later rescued a horse named Sky, a wild mustang from the Nevada Mountains.

Stephanie will tell you that camp is a transformative experience. Most recently, she survived a lightning strike at the barn. Her brush with death has caused her to re-evaluate life and strengthened her character and made her an even more exceptional person. Working in this new position, she will continue to enrich the lives of children and inspire other camp counselors.