New Trails

This blog section is new. I’ve never written a blog and I’m not really sure how so please excuse the simplicity of it. The purpose of this blog is to keep parents apprised of what’s going on at Camp Woodmont during the “off season.” Many people think my job as Camp Director is only seasonal and ‘part time.’ “What do you do the rest of the year?” is a common question. Well, it’s not seasonal or part time. Hopefully, this blog will enlighten our campers and parents about what goes on behind the scenes.

For starters, I asked Durward, our new maintenance supervisor, to give his thoughts about his transition to camp, and what he’s been doing. Here’s what he had to say:

What? Where? Camp Woodmont…where’s that? These were the main questions asked by our friends when they found out that we were moving. After explaining the move and talking a little about the position and camp, they all want to come visit. We love camp and living in the B’s nest! There is almost always something interesting to do. We’ve found the bluff and the trails that go there, several campsites that are used during camp, boulders to climb, disc golf courses not far away, as well as, all the things you can do at camp. Evenings you might find us playing basketball in the gym, or walking on trails if there is still light. Kayaking around the pond is enjoyable and trying to get the dogs to settle down in the canoe always makes it more interesting when we take them along. Tyran and Alyson are great to work with and we are excited for the upcoming summer. Alyson and I are working on ways to make camp more enjoyable for the campers and the staff. Updated fire pits with different seating, new trails, more activities to do while waiting for meals, and “sprucing up” camp in general will keep winter months busy. I think I have enjoyed making new trails the most. The plan is to have a trail from the pond along the creek down to the old bridge and then meander through the property meeting up with the trail from the bluff which will lead back to the pond. It will be a creek stomp, plus! By Durward Hass, Maintenance Supervisor

Behind Frog Hollow Check out the photos of the new areas and trails made by Durward! A new boys’ campfire ring! And, he uncovered some amazing rock behind Frog Hollow. Now the older girls will have a beautiful place to hang out, and sing around the campfire! His new trails around the lake are spectacular too!







Boys Campfire