Wish List

Before Camp Woodmont existed as it does today, it was a wish—a humble wish Mr. and Mrs. B had to run a camp for kids of all ages. And when that wish became a reality, the impact was so much more than they could’ve anticipated. It’s no secret that camp is a magical place; during the summer months, it seems that so many wishes are granted on a daily basis. In preparation for the upcoming summer, we’ve taken on some big projects up at camp. Trust me, it’s gonna be the best summer yet! That being said, we wanted to share the wish list of items we’ve put together to continue moving toward the very attainable goal of making 2018 our best year yet. This is your opportunity to make a difference at camp, big or small, and directly influence the lives of our campers.

Camp WISH List:
Electric Utility Golf Carts
Gator Cart
Tractor with backhoe and front loader
Walkie Talkies
Dance party lights
Costumes For Costume Shed

Needs List:
Pool Noodles
New First Aid kits/supplies (ie. band aids)
8 or 10 inch Playground Balls
Gator Skin Dodge Balls
Arts & Crafts supplies
Bottles of Bright Colored Tie Dye
Any and all sizes of white t shirts to dye
Bandanas any colors
Carnival Games – in good condition
Duct tape/masking tape/scotch tape
Batteries (AAA, AA, C, D)

WISHING you are yours a wonderful rest of the winter.