Why Camp Woodmont?

It’s hard to put into words why campers love Camp Woodmont. Maybe it’s the tradition of waking up to the camp trombone every morning or sleeping out under the stars. Perhaps it’s the comfort of milk-n-cookies we bring around to the campers’ bunks each night. For 30+ years children have called Camp Woodmont their ‘home away from home.’

We are a traditional camp in every sense of the word. Our program is structured and the campers know what is scheduled, every day, every hour. No surprises. Knowing exactly what to expect makes a child feel safe and secure. And safe is good. That predictability, and associated comfort that comes along with it, is why children treasure traditions at Camp Woodmont.

Top 5 Reasons Your Child Needs Camp Woodmont

  1. Level Playing Field – Camp Woodmont provides a rich environment full of new friends, monumental achievements and memorable activities. We provide supportive relationships, challenging opportunities, but most importantly, we give all children a level playing field from the start—without the pressures of school or suburban life. Everyone is equal at Camp Woodmont.
  2. Camp Changes Your Child for the Better – Campers’ parents have reported that when their children return home from camp they are more mature and responsible, and are more equipped to stand up for what they know is right.
    “Grant returned a changed young man from Camp Woodmont,” says Jennifer Clark, of Stone Mtn, GA. “He is keeping his room clean and orderly FINALLY. There really is a world of difference in him. It seems two weeks really gave him a chance to grow up! “
  3. Unplug from Society and Enjoy the Outdoors – Imagine your child choosing an outdoor activity over the cell phone or a video game. At Camp Woodmont, we focus on the importance of outdoor activities, while learning to live in a group setting. Camp is a place to develop face-to-face relationships and reflect on nature. It’s about kids being kids in a safe, comforting environment without the pressures of technology.
  4. We Keep ‘Em Moving: Whether it’s a fast-paced game of capture-the-flag or just a walk to arts & crafts room, our campers enjoy a lot of physical activity they otherwise would not get at home or school! And let’s face it, the more physical activity… the better for everyone!
  5. It’s FUN! Maybe it’s the goofy counselors, camping out under the stars or just hanging out with friends, but there’s something about Camp Woodmont that goes so deep under the skin that kids, and now adults, reminiscence about upon years later. It’s hard to describe, but it’s good ‘ole fashioned fun!

See more on Camp Woodmont’s You Tube Channel at www.youtube.com/campguy

Choosing the Right Summer Camp

Speak with our Directors now to find out why Camp Woodmont will provide your children with the summer camp experience they’ll remember happily for years to come. Come to our Open House May 17 from 2 – 5 pm to find out more!

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